Formic acid40%
Propinic acid15%
Acetic acid5%
Lactic acid2%
Acivators and Stablizer q.s

For safe drinking water.


  • Effectively lowers pH of water.
  • Prevents growth of bacteria & algae in water & pipe-lines.
  • Increases beneficial organisms by reducing pH of crop & gut.
  • Significantly reduces mortality.
  • Improves feed digestion & assimilation.
  • Improves FCR & increases body-weight.
  • Reduces ammonia in litter

Dosage & Administration

Water: 1 ml per 3-5 Litre water for continuously in broiler, layer & breeder.
Feed: 1 Litre per 1 ton feed mixing by spray.

Pack size

1 Litre Bottle