A British-Bangla joint venture company, incorporated in Dhaka.

Novivo Healthcare Limited.

With over 40 years of global animal healthcare industry experience, the founding shareholders envisaged contributing to the ethical and safe production of animal protein in their homeland. Novivo products and services support the farming industry to safely produce animal protein that is served at your table.

Healthcare & Nutrition for a better tomorrow.

Why are we here?

At Novivo we create log-term partnership with our customer to understand their needs and bring innovative healthcare and nutrition solutions ensuring they have a sustainable and better tomorrow.

Our Offerings

We offer innovative feed additives, supportive & selective therapeutic products in the animal health industry.

We represent reputed research-based overseas entities and market their novel products for the benefit of our local industry.

We aim to benefit our customers by continually trying to expand our product range from innovative partners around the world.

  • +25 years of national & international experience in the animal health industry.
  • +7 years experience as Executive Director and Head of Animal Health Business Unit of Novartis in Bangladesh.
  • +12 years experience in Asia-Pacific, the Americas & Europe in various management capacities with Novartis Animal Health.
  • MBA with marketing major.
  • Considered as a leader in Animal Health business in Bangladesh and was the founding General Secretary of the AH Companies Association in Bangladesh (AHCAB).
  • Depth and breadth of experience in general management, marketing, sales and international HR.

" We believe in great details, and we believe in businesses that keep that in mind. "

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