• Crude Fat (Ruminer®) is a rumen protected calcium salt fatty acid of palm oil which is absorbed >90% in the later part of the stomach (reticulum, omasum, abomasum)
  • Methionine (MetaSmart®) a first limiting amino acid in dairy cows and a unique source of specific, pelletable Methionine for ruminants delivers excellent bio-availability and provides the needed Methionine for the rumen micro-organisms.


Milking Ruminants

  • Supports ‘energy challenged’ cows during early lactation
  • Increased milk volume, protein and fat
  • Helps reduce fatty acids
  • Improves reproductive performance

Fattening Ruminants

  • Increases mass of animals
  • Added energy achieves better production


Milking ruminants: Cows

Fattening ruminants
– 1-3% Feed Concentrate

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