NovESel Plus


  • Vitamin E,
  • Selisseo┬« (an organic selenium consisting of hydroxy-selenomethionine or HMSeBA to supply 100% efficient selenium)
  • B-Traxim 2C Zn (a Zinc chelate of glycine, hydrate, in micro-crystalline particle size) which are the integral components that supports immunity & reproductive health.



  • For immunity building & protecting against various viral disease and coccidiosis in poultry
  • Improves Fertility, Hatchability and Egg production in layers
  • Treats Crazy Chick Disease, Exudative Diathesis & Muscular Dystrophy
  • Reduces incidences of Ascites and Sudden Death Syndrome in broilers
  • Reduces leg weakness syndrome in broilers
  • Overcomes stress of deworming, vaccination and de-beaking
  • Improves weight gain and FCR
  • Increases egg production


  • Improves immune response and reduces disease incidence
  • Lowers incidence of retained placenta, mastitis and maintaining udder health


Poultry: 0.5-1.5ml per litre of drinking water
Cattle: 05-10ml per animal / day for 10 days

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