ArrowVet PAM-X

A unique enzyme blend

ArrowVet PAM-X containing more than one enzyme will often improve the response compared to pure, single enzymes, assuming that cost considerations are not ignored. This is due to the fact that feedstuffs are complex compounds containing protein, fat, fiber and other complex carbohydrates. Merely targeting a specific substrate such as β-glucan may not provide maximal benefits since layers of other substrates may inherently protect some of the β-glucan. For example, β-glucans and arabinoxylans may be bound to peptide or protein moieties in the cell wall of the feedstuff. Therefore, enzymes capable of hydrolyzing protein may enhance the activity of pentosanases and beta glucanases.


  • Increases body-weight and better feed utilization, better growth
  • Better performance by increasing digestive capability of nutrients & minerals
  • Increased egg production & reduced eggshell breakage
  • Hydrolyses non-starch polysaccharides and digest high molecular weight β-glucans in grain and cereal-based feeds
  • Improves separation, reduces viscosity and modify or completely hydrolyses cellulosic fibers

Product Specification

Protease Activity: NLT 600,000 u/gm
Amylase Activity: NLT 50,000 u/gm
Mannanase Activity: NLT 50,000 u/gm
Xylanase Activity: NLT 50,000 u/gm

Dosage and Administration

500 g / Ton of Feed

Pack size