Arrownext PR 100 E

Thermo-stable protease enzyme for poultry

A unique protease

Arrownext PR 100 E is specially developed for application as a feed enzyme which has good stability under low pH conditions which complements and works in synergy with endogenous enzymes. It offers flexibility as it was the ability to improve the digestibility of wide range of vegetable and animal protein.
Arrownext PR 100 E is heat stable of pellet feeds.

Arrownext PR 100 E enhances protein digestion upto 10% and facilitates protein conversion to the most bio available amino acids (Lysine, Methionine, Cystine, Tryptophan, Threonine, Arginine) which are essential body building components for poultry and animals.


  • Lowers protein diets increased broiler body-weight
  • Better feed utilization, better growth
  • Improved feed efficiency similar to feeding higher protein diets
  • Maintains egg production similar to feeding higher protein diets

Product specification

Protease Activity: NLT 900,000 u / gm

Dosage and Administration

Broiler: 200 – 300 g / Ton of Feed
Layer: 100 – 150 g / Ton of Feed
Can be used alone or can be used in enzyme blends as feed additives to improve feed utilization and efficiencies

Pack Size

5 kg