AD Dicla Sol


Each It of AD Dicla Sol contains 25gm of Diclazuril


AD DICLA SOL belongs to the group of benzene
acetonitriles and has anti coccidial activity against mer species. Depending on the coccid a :
species, AD DICLA SOL has an effect on either the ‘ sexual or the asexual stages of the development cycle of the Parasite. Diclazuril is poorly absorbed from the intestinal canal, therefore it has mainly effect on coccidia present in the intestines.


AD DICLA SOL is effective in the prevention and treatment o* coccidial infections in poultry caused by Armenia tenella, E. necarri , f. acewulina, E. bruneui,
£. miti’s (mivoti), and E. maximo. Because Diclazuril is effective against £. maxima later n its liie cycle. subclinical intestinal lesions may be present for a short time after infection. Diclazuril was shown in studies to reduce lesion scores and improve performance and health of birds challenged with E. maxima.

Dosage and Administration

For oral administration via feed or drinking water.
Shake well before use. It is advised to treat al
‘” animals of the flock at the same time.
Chickens: 1ml/3’5Lt o+ drinking warer (or 1mI/25kg body weight, dilute in drinking water) continuously for 2 days

Pack Size

100mI and 500m plastic bottle